Performance of Structures with Dampers

Kit Miyamoto, M.S., S.E., Marr Shaffer & Miyamoto, Inc., West Sacramento, CA
J. P. Singh, PhD., G.E., J. P. Singh & Associates, Richmond, CA

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The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the earthquake performance of structures with passive energy dissipators. This Paper addresses the following issues: 1) evaluation of seismic intensity levels at which frames incorporating the energy dissipating system (EDS) remain elastic; 2) performance evaluation of frames incorporating an EDS for high intensity ground shaking; and 3) evaluation of SEAOC Blue Book provisions. Linear time history analyses indicate that frames with an EDS generally remain elastic during earthquake events that do not greatly exceed the UBC Zone 4 response spectrum. Nonlinear time history analyses indicate the following: 1) the frames with an EDS can provide “immediate occupancy performance” for high intensity earthquakes; 2) the performance level of the frames with an EDS exceeds that of frames without an EDS; and 3) the performance of the frame with an EDS, which was designed per Blue Book provisions, can exceed life safety performance.

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