Probabilistic Evaluation of Seismic Performance of Steel Moment Framed Buildings Incorporating Damper Limit States

H. Kit Miyamoto, Amir S. J. Gilani,
Christopher Ariyaratana, and Akira Wada

ASCE Conf. Proc. 369, 130 (2010)  
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An advanced concept for design of steel moment framed structures, sizing steel members per code guidelines for strength and adding viscous dampers to limit story drifts, this results in robust structures with superior performance to that of conventional designs at the design and maximum considered earthquakes. However, the efficacy of such design at extreme events has not been well documented due to the lack of a comprehensive database detailing their responses and data on the structures with dampers subjected to very large earthquakes. The current research addresses the physical limit states of the dampers, and development of mathematical model of the viscous dampers incorporating such limit states. The adequacy of the model is then verified by correlating it with laboratory data. Next, nonlinear simulations of structures with viscous dampers are conducted to probabilistically determine the collapse performance of the buildings and draw conclusions about key factors affecting the response