Preliminary analysis of the Shanghai World Financial Center Incorporating Fluid Viscous Dampers

The Shanghai World Financial Center (WFC) is a 106- story building that is scheduled for construction in the near future. The structure, designed by KFP Associates, consists of office buildings, and a 10-story hotel segment located between floors 78 and 87. The structure is designed to be robust in resisting lateral loading due to wind and seismic effects. In addition, of concern to the owner and engineers is the level of perceptible vibrations for the future hotel occupants. The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) has recommended a general accepted criterion of 15 mg floor acceleration for residential occupancy. It is usually not cost-effective to reach this limitation without incorporating energy dissipation devices. Such hardware has been successfully incorporated in the design of many high-rise buildings. For the purpose of studies reported herein, the authors propose to use fluid viscous dampers (FVD) to achieve the floor acceleration limits. Such an approach has been shown to be very effective and economical for both high-rise buildings and many other structures. In addition, since the forces in VFD are proportional to velocity and not displacement, (i) they do not amplify the axial force in the adjacent vertical members, and (ii) they will not significantly affect the stiffness and modal properties of the structure.

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