Seismic Improvement of Monumental Churches with Domes

D. Sonda, M. Cossu

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The seismic vulnerability of churches, even for events of low intensity, is often conditioned by the response of individual structural elements. The elements placed in the top of the structure such as domes, lanterns, tiburios, etc.. are particularly vulnerable. The mechanism is well known among the possible damages caused by a seismic event, and it is included in the list of structural vulnerabilities of the churches. Recent examples of the mechanism and its devastating effects on the building are visible in all the major earthquakes: L’Aquila (Santa Maria del Suffragio Church); Haiti (Presidential Palace); Christchurch (Cathedral). A new solution using new technologies (isolators and dampers) for seismic improvement of buildings is proposed in this paper. Using this technologies the dome is changed into a Tuned Mass Damper (TMD). The proposed solution is investigated with regard to the seismic improvement project of the 16th century church of San Nicolò in Carpi, Italy.

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