Structural Design of Base Isolated Eskisehir City Hospital

Hospitals are at the high-risk of service interruption during and post-earthquake not only due to structural damage but also damage to sensitive equipment that they contain. In this study, seismic isolation design of 1081 bed capacity, reinforced concrete Eskişehir City Hospital is investigated. Within the scope of the design, site-specific seismic hazard analysis, seismic isolation system design and superstructure design were carried out. NLTHA (Nonlinear Time History Analysis) were performed considering nonlinear behavior of base isolators. However, the superstructure is assumed to be remain elastic. The building which is composed of 330,000 m2 construction area, consists of 4 blocks and 973 double surface friction pendulum isolators were used in the base isolated system. 557 isolators were used as a single main block without expansion joint. Challenges faced using abundant amount of isolators in a single lock and related findings are discussed in detail accordingly.

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