Design of an Essential Facility with Steel Moment Frames and Viscous Dampers Using US NEHRP Procedure

This paper presents the nonlinear seismic analysis, development, and implementation of an innovative seismic retrofit strategy for a six-story nonductile reinforced concrete 145,000-sf (13,470 m2) historic building. Dynamic and nonlinear static analytical results verified that the building had a weak soft-story with inadequate post-yield capacity, and large torsional response. The […]

Performance of Structures with Dampers

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the earthquake performance of structures with passive energy dissipators. This Paper addresses the following issues: 1) evaluation of seismic intensity levels at which frames incorporating the energy dissipating system (EDS) remain elastic; 2) performance evaluation of frames incorporating an EDS for high […]

Seismic Performance Improvement of A Torsional Irregular Concrete Shear Wall Building Using Toggle-Brace-Dampers

This paper describes a preliminary-assessment case study for seismic performance improvement of a stiffness and strength asymmetric concrete shear wall building using toggle-brace-dampers (TBD). The structure is a 16-story major regional phone switch building located in downtown Seattle. Its bottom 7-story including the basement was constructed in the mid 1950’s. […]

Performance-Based Design of a Two-Story Addition to an Existing Nonductile Concrete Structure Enhanced with Passive Energy Dissipators

For full access to this technical paper click here and we will contact you shortly. This paper describes a case study of performance based seismic rehabilitation techniques used for a 1969 vintage concrete parking structure. A new 80,000ft2, two-story addition was planned for this existing 230,000ft2, six-story structure. The evaluation […]