Retrofit Of Historic 3-Story Nonductile Concrete Structure Using Performance-Based Engineering And Innovative Technologies

Lon M. Determan, S.E. and Kit Miyamoto, M.S., S.E. , Miyamoto International, Inc.

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This paper presents how performance-based engineering made possible the transformation of a deteriorated, historic 3-story automobile sales and service center into a thriving, 4-story, mixed-use development. The structural rehabilitation included 1) adding carbon fiber reinforced polymers to existing 2nd and 3rd floor concrete slabs to increase live load capacity, 2) providing braced frames with friction dampers to add stiffness and damping, 3) adding helical piers to reinforce foundations, and 4) adding a new lightweight 4th floor level. Response spectrum, nonlinear static, and time history analyses were performed to assess the seismic performance. Analyses showed that the performance level of the rehabilitated structure meets or exceeds code-level life safety criteria. The innovative approach to design resulted in a very cost effective rehabilitation of this historic landmark building, which was completed in 2003.

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