Identifying the Collapse Hazard of Steel Special Moment-Frame Buildings with Viscous Dampers Using the FEMA P695 Methodology

H. Kit Miyamoto, Amir S. J. Gilani,
Akira Wada, and Christopher Ariyaratana

Earthquake Spectra 27, 1147 (2011) Full Text: 

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An innovative design using steel special moment frames sized per building code requirements for strength and viscous dampers to control story drift ratios results in longer period structures that limit floor accelerations with excellent performance in design-level earthquakes. However, the response of this design to extreme seismic events is not well understood. This is due to the lack of: a) limit state data for dampers, and b) data on the response of the system when subjected to large earthquakes. To address these issues, analytical investigation of the limit states of dampers was performed and the performance of the model was correlated with experimental data. This model was then implemented in a group of archetypes subjected to collapse-level loading. Analysis showed that this design had satisfactory performance when subjected to extreme seismic events. Additional significant improvement in performance was obtained with an enhanced damper design and with a damper safety factor of 1.3.

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