Cost-Effective Seismic Isolation Retrofit of Heritage Cathedrals in Haiti WCEE 2017

1), President Miyamoto International, Inc. (2) Manager Earthquake Engineering, Miyamoto International, Inc. (3) Professor Emeritus, Department of Civil Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology; Historic and heritage have sustained severe damage and collapse in recent earthquakes, including in Italy (2009), Haiti (2010) and New Zealand (2011). The main vertical and lateral.. Read More

Identifying the Collapse Hazard of Steel Special Moment-Frame Buildings with Viscous Dampers Using the FEMA P695 Methodology

H. Kit Miyamoto, Amir S. J. Gilani, Akira Wada, and Christopher Ariyaratana Earthquake Spectra 27, 1147 (2011) Full Text:  For full access to this technical paper click here and we will contact you shortly. An innovative design using steel special moment frames sized per building code requirements for strength and viscous dampers.. Read More