Retrofit Of Historic 3-Story Nonductile Concrete Structure Using Performance-Based Engineering And Innovative Technologies

This paper presents how performance-based engineering made possible the transformation of a deteriorated, historic 3-story automobile sales and service center into a thriving, 4-story, mixed-use development. The structural rehabilitation included 1) adding carbon fiber reinforced polymers to existing 2nd and 3rd floor concrete slabs to increase live load capacity, 2) […]

Design of an Essential Facility with Steel Moment Frames and Viscous Dampers Using US NEHRP Procedure

This paper presents the nonlinear seismic analysis, development, and implementation of an innovative seismic retrofit strategy for a six-story nonductile reinforced concrete 145,000-sf (13,470 m2) historic building. Dynamic and nonlinear static analytical results verified that the building had a weak soft-story with inadequate post-yield capacity, and large torsional response. The […]